ABOUT Dr. Samuel Schenker


Dr. Samuel Schenker completed medical school in Spain in 1971 and later his Neurology Residency at New York’s Nassau County University Medical Center, where he sub-specialized in neuromuscular disorders and traumatic brain injury. He has been in medical practice for over 35 years as a Board-Certified neurologist, Interventional Pain Management specialist and General Wellness expertDr. Schenker is currently an active member of the American Academy of Neurology (AAN), the American Medical Association (AMA), American Academy of Pain Management, American Academy of Sports Medicine, and Academy for Anti-Aging.  Dr. Schenker holds an internationally recognized patent on the first implantable spinal cord regenerative device for paraplegic and spinal cord injury and has developed a second device for traumatic brain injury.

Dr. Schenker has been actively involved in the management and healing of chronic and age-related degenerative conditions throughout biologic treatments with stem cells, exosomes and other complementary therapies. As an Iscelli Physician, Dr. Schenker particularly concentrates on providing treatments to spinal degenerative conditions that require a more invasive treatment and that usually require an ambulatory or hospital setting.