The number of stem cells present in your body and their functional capacity to repair damaged tissue declines with each advancing decade of life, and chronic degenerative diseases further impede their ability to respond to chronic damage in the body or an unexpected injury.



Culture expanding your own stem cells will compensate their natural drop in number and will allow you to use them as many and how many times needed over the years. ISCELLI uses a third-party cellular laboratory, a US-based biotechnology company that specializes in banking and culturing stem cells for therapeutic application.

CELL EXTRACTION– We provide in office extraction of a small sample from your own fat in a quick and relatively painless office procedure that doesn’t require much recovery time. The collected fat is rapidly sent to the cellular laboratory in a specifically adapted container.

CELL EXPANSION– Once in the lab, the individual’s MSCs are isolated from the fat. A passaged culture process can exponentially multiply the MSCs cells into over a billion of identical copies in about a 6-8-week period. The cultured stem cells are extensively tested before hand and upon completion in order to guarantee the safety of the patient and the greatest potential of the cells. The multiplied stem cells offer no risk of rejection, as they are a 100% match since the patient is the donor-recipient.


As we age, illness and the natural processes of aging make us have fewer adult cells. Hence our bodies can no longer create enough stem cells for an effective healing response to an illness or injury. Banking your cells now provides the opportunity to multiply and utilize your younger, healthier cells at a later point in life when you and your physician determine it would be beneficial.

CELL BANKING: Using specialized cryogenic tubes, the cells are placed in cryogenic storage boxes and into the cryogenic storage tanks for a controlled freezing process that prepares the cells for a short- or long-term storage. An individual can then have his or her stem cells banked for as many years as necessary or use them as needed.

Whether you choose to bank because of a current condition or do so to have your cells available to you in case of an emergency, illness, injury, or accident in the future, there are numerous benefits to banking your stem cells now.