STEM CELLS – “adult” type- live in us through our entire life. They have the ability to do incredible things, and the world is starting to take notice!

What Really Are Stem Cells?

Stem cells are “unspecialized” cells that can multiply and remain as stem cells, allowing for growth of our body’s tissues or developing into other types of cells that are required to replace worn-out and dying cells as well as repair injured tissues.

Although stem cells exist naturally in each person, at times they are not released into the bloodstream in quantities enough to repair damaged cells. Additionally, the number of stem cells present in the body and their functional capacity to repair damaged tissue declines with each decade of life. Chronic diseases further impede their ability to respond.

By obtaining stem cells from a patient and relocating them in a much greater number and concentration to an affected area of the body, stem cell therapy can best provide relief of damaged or injured tissues in patients suffering from chronic inflammation, autoimmune disease or chronic degenerative disease.

ISCELLI provides two different types of stem cell therapies:

Culture Expanded Stem Cell Therapy

An exponentially beneficial therapy in treating chronic diseases: Autism, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer’s Disease, advanced Osteoarthritis, among others.

SVF/Stem Cell Therapy

Our therapies with SVF/Stem Cells are mainly indicated for some autoimmune diseases, vascular conditions, and soft tissue or joints conditions (arthritis, chronic wounds, psoriasis, vitiligo and other local immune conditions).


Most of the research and clinical therapies about stem cells that demonstrate dramatic clinical results comes from the use of “culture expanded” stem cells. Today, the potency and purity of a patient’s own culture expanded stem cells can be ensured and guaranteed to be a 100% match with the donor.

By precisely multiplying the patient’s own mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) into hundreds of millions of identical stem cells, we can transplant large numbers of these multiplied stem cells to an affected area of the body or store (bank) them until needed.

Only culture expanded cells can provide you sufficient amounts of Mesenchymal Stem Cell (MSCs). By banking your stem cells, you can use them during multiple applications over the length of your chronic degenerative disease or injury. The banking process requires a one-time harvest of the initial adipose (fat) cells.


When you hear about a stem cell therapy provided in the U.S, it most commonly refers to an SVF/Stem Cell Therapy. SVF/Stem Cell therapy provides a mixture of different types of growth factors and a few millions of stem cells which are isolated from a patient’s own adipose(fat) sample.

SVF/Stem Cell therapy is a same-day therapy, successful when injected locally (ex- knee arthritis) to treat an inflammatory process or when injected IV to treat some autoimmune conditions or chronic degenerative conditions in their early stage.


Extracellular matrix and/or growth factors can be added a complement to any form of regenerative stem cell therapy. They can naturally prolong the life of the transplanted stem cells and attract more stem cells to the injured site, stimulating the body’s own healing process. 

This combination is know as the “Healing Trinity” in cellular medicine.